School facilities

Read about the facilities available for students to enjoy at Virginia Primary School.

Performing arts room

Our versatile performing arts room is a dynamic space that seamlessly transforms to accommodate a multitude of activities.

During inclement weather, it serves as a refuge for our physical education classes, allowing students to engage in active pursuits. The room’s expansive layout and excellent acoustics make it an ideal venue for assemblies when rain effects outdoor plans.

Its adaptability shines when it becomes a stage for our school choir, where harmonious melodies fill the air – fostering creativity and unity among our talented students. Beyond the school community, this room opens its doors to special guests, providing a platform for cultural exchanges and captivating performances that enrich our students’ perspectives.

With its diverse uses, the performing arts room is a hub of inspiration and collaboration, embodying the heart of our school’s vibrant spirit.


Our school has two playgrounds that provide a fun outdoor learning environment. The popular large outdoor sandpit is a favourite with the younger children and undercover to protect our students’ from the elements.

We also have swing sets and climbing ropes adjacent to the playgrounds to add challenge and variety to student playtime. With so much choice, our students are always physically engaged.


Our soccer oval and football ovals are very popular sports facilities with the students. The ovals are fully fenced and equipped with soccer goals, football goals and shelters. 

Community Centre

Inside our wonderful community centre is a full basketball court, kitchen, toilets and separate meeting rooms. The community centre also has heating and cooling so it can conveniently be used across all seasons. 

Our PE program incorporates both physical and specialist lessons.

Students take a PE lesson with our specialist teacher once a week for a skills based lesson. They primarily focus on fundamental movement skills, movement exploration, active living, sports games and physical skills.

Our extensive grounds and our fully equipped community centre ensure that our program can be run all year round.