Our preschool

Virginia Preschool

We provide a high quality, inclusive, educational program within a respectful, welcoming and engaging environment. Where every child can thrive and reach their full potential.

Children learn best through play

At Virginia Preschool we recognise that all children are capable and competent learners. And that play is the means by which young children learn.

When children are playing, they’re learning to make sense of the world around them, and are developing their:

  • confidence
  • creativity and imagination
  • language, social and cognitive skills.

They’re also exploring their emotions, developing empathy, and learning to participate, contribute, co-operate, concentrate and negotiate. Playing helps develop their motor skills, co-ordination and attention spans, while learning to invent, predict and problem solve.

Session times

Children can access 2 full days of preschool a week (15 hours).

Our session times are 8.15am until 3.45pm, Monday to Thursday. We’ll provide a copy of your child’s session days and times before they start.

Term fees

Our preschool fees are $95 per term ($380 per year).

Fees can be paid upfront for the whole year, or term by term. Term fees are due by the end of week 5 of each term.

Our fees are comparable to other local preschools and are reviewed by our governing council each year.

Parent handbook

See our parent handbook (PDF) for detailed information about our preschool.

More information

Visit preschool documents to view all preschool policies, reports and plans.

Contact details

Phone: 8380 9292
Email: jodie.spano156@schools.sa.edu.au

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